Monday, December 4, 2000


From a journal entry:

I don't think I could possibly count the number of tears that have escaped from my soul. I doubt that I really have the determination and energy to really write about the thousand fractured thoughts jumping about my feverish mind. It isn't possible to make you fully comprehend.

But, probably, the most malignant reason for my heartache is the obscurity that I don't even know why I've reacted the way I have. There must be some unconcious horror being fought just under the blanket of my awarness.

I blame it all on the music and dim lamplight. The warm softness and beguiling intrigue of sleep blinding my gaze, so I drift into sleep.

Thursday, November 9, 2000


By: Dalyn K. Roney

People read this and thinks it's a riddle. It is not. The last line is spoken.

Silver ribbons and purple lace.
Crying candles with singed souls.
Sinking deeper, ever deeper,
Into the engulfing firery waste.

Flickering shadows and beguiling apparitions
Dance seductively in the corners.
A giant prison with confusing dimentions
Force perceptions into a darkened stupor.

Abstract angles glare warnings of chaos.
Oily fluids gather in puddles.
Making slick the surface to the touch,
Adding scent to the senses,
Ever tickled with sensations sensuous.

Floating pictographs hover in desire
For the forbidden indulgement.
Passing cars cast beams upon
Ceilings of a spinning encasement.

"...Where am I...?"

Tuesday, October 3, 2000


By: Dalyn K. Roney

This is a poem I wrote about my transition from my first to my second boyfriends....

Tear smeared ink on a blurred page.
Unseen ghosts in a hidden heart.
Long hair to cover a saddened face.
Fragile emotions torn apart.

Uncertain anguish, lost in sin.
Buried images deep within.
A strong will shown without.
Lying countenance shrouds all doubt.

Innocent spirit in lathered confusion.
Taken in by careful illusion.
Follows the charm and witty phrase.
Soon, regrets and painful days.

Lonely hours lost in reflection.
Searching for clues to what went wrong.
Compounding secrets and fear of detection.
Formula for saddest song.

Indecision and rutted ways.
Forcing happiness in disbelief.
Looking, not seeking, to safely change.
Hoping for love to bring release.

Just when life in value lost,
Planning death at any cost,
Fate brings promise in a kiss.
Old friends now in lover's bliss.

Under the wing of pledged protection.
Past relations severed in welcome.
Frantic madness, then sudden loss.
Faithfully waiting at unknown cost.

Fighting each mile in sadness.