Tuesday, October 3, 2000


By: Dalyn K. Roney

This is a poem I wrote about my transition from my first to my second boyfriends....

Tear smeared ink on a blurred page.
Unseen ghosts in a hidden heart.
Long hair to cover a saddened face.
Fragile emotions torn apart.

Uncertain anguish, lost in sin.
Buried images deep within.
A strong will shown without.
Lying countenance shrouds all doubt.

Innocent spirit in lathered confusion.
Taken in by careful illusion.
Follows the charm and witty phrase.
Soon, regrets and painful days.

Lonely hours lost in reflection.
Searching for clues to what went wrong.
Compounding secrets and fear of detection.
Formula for saddest song.

Indecision and rutted ways.
Forcing happiness in disbelief.
Looking, not seeking, to safely change.
Hoping for love to bring release.

Just when life in value lost,
Planning death at any cost,
Fate brings promise in a kiss.
Old friends now in lover's bliss.

Under the wing of pledged protection.
Past relations severed in welcome.
Frantic madness, then sudden loss.
Faithfully waiting at unknown cost.

Fighting each mile in sadness.