Monday, July 19, 2010

Press Release for Michael's work in Australlia!

This is the link to the Press Release for my husband's most recent Klingon Translation project with Jenolan Caves in NSW Australlia! With pictures!

Michael was contacted by Jenolan Caves to translate the script for their most popular cave tour to be translated into Klingon for their Acoustiguide audio tour. He completed the translation a few months ago, and then they invited him and another linguist out to Australlia for an all expenses paid business trip to tour the caves and record the audio! He just got back on Friday. It was a successful trip, and we are very blessed!

Thank you all for your support!

- Dalyn

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Things not going as well

Things are not going as well as I'd like them to be at this point. As usual, I feel the most mean and miserable when my basic human needs are not met: sleep, eat, breathe, go to the bathroom, live free from assault or injury.... 

. . . I feel wretched when I get so fed up with the constant abuse from my children that I want to run away, and not be a parent anymore. Do all parents feel this way sometimes?


I just need a break from the unrelenting waves of attack. That was why giving birth was so painful: the intense pain I could handle once or twice, but the throws of pain one right after the other without pause or recovery is overwhelming and too much to endure... That is what it's like for me to be home alone with the kids all the time.

Any helpful advice?  :-/

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