Monday, September 20, 2010

Things I want to do in my life

Things I want to do in my life
(and I don't have to be dying):

Watch birds hatch
Learn how to play guitar
Finish culinary school
Finish even more schooling
Produce a CD of my music
Give a performance of ""
Take pottery courses
Make more mozaics
Publish a book
Make a portfolio
Make a food blog
Make a sugar sculpture
Make marzipan fruits/veggies
Make petit fours
Make chocolates
And put all four in gift boxes!
"" with cookies!
Wrangle large cats
Swim with dolphins
"" sharks
"" sea turtles
Go whale watching
Perform on stage again
Star in a musical
Travel and perform
Meet Mario Batali
Visit the Paris Opera House
Make a chocolate sculpture
Support my daughter in brownies and girl scouts
Support my son in boy scouts
Make simple music videos of all of my songs
Publish a book of poetry
Have my own dream home
"" dream car
Support my children's dreams
Complete a video game
Help make school lunches healthier
Design a clothing line
Be a motivational speaker
"" artist
Take a painting course
Take a computer graphics class
Write more musicals
Advocate against abuse
"" domestic violence
"" food disorders
"" bullying in schools
Be a councelor
Perform "Messiah" again
Perform at Clowes Hall again
Play RPGs again
Save someone's life
Help an animal shelter
Win a food competition
"" flower arrangement ""
Be debt free

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