Thursday, July 11, 2002

"Bebop Muse"

By: Dalyn K. Roney

This is a song I wrote after breaking up with some guy. I was in a really different mood at the time, so the music style was very different from anything else up to that point. I don't remember how the tune went. It was never really defined at the time, so the lyrics are all that is left now.

I don't understand what I ever saw in that man.
I still can't believe how quickly I was deceived.
I've been hurt -- I'll get over it.
I could cry all night.
But I've got better things to do with my time.

People tell me I'm just lying to myself.
But, I need to hear it.
Even if I'm just lying to myself
That's just the way I deal with it.
I've got to keep it all pent up inside
And move on with my life
So they won't ever notice
How much I think of you.

All these words are cliche.
"c'est la vi" That's life. But not today.
These extraordinary things won't go away
Just because you ignore it.
I'll still have a lot of things I'll need to say
Though you don't want to know it.

Just because you cut me off from you
Don't mean you can hide what you put me through.
I know all your secrets.
I know all the lines.
I have a heart and mind to tell me
To move on, leave you behind.
But even so, even so.
I can't stop thinking about you.

I've been cast aside on a lonely sea.
Left in the dark with nobody to hold me.
For some reason I keep wasting time
Having you on my mind.

But I don't care if I get hurt.
I believe knowing the truth is worth it.
I can take the High Road after I know
"Your Side" of the story.
Just tell me. Be Man enough to show
You once loved me.

But, even if it's gone, I know the way it goes.
I'll stop lying to myself when
Both sides of the tale unfold.
And until you set me free,
Or come back to me,
I'll think about you.

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