Friday, July 3, 2009

"For One Small Moment"

I wrote this for my husband one night...
I thought it was too tender to not share.
It's nice to show when we get along at times. *grins*

"For One Small Moment"
By: Dalyn K. Roney

For one small moment
Everything is right with the world.
The children are sleeping
And the husband is home.
We're lying in bed together
And he just holds me.
No one between us.
No children with their toys and blankets,
Or the cat with her fickle claws.
Just my husband and me
Snuggling close
Under the blankets.
He's already asleep.
But I'm content
To steal this moment
And fix it in my mind.
So, next time we're seperated
By Life's madness,
And the kids are all screaming,
And I look up to the Heavens
And think, "why me?",
Then I'll have this small moment
To remember how great it all is,
How worth it, and wonderful.
And even if I feel too lucky
That you love me
And I wonder, "why me?"
Out of everyone else on this earth.
I snuggle closer in your arms
And thank Heaven for this
One small moment
We have

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