Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Not Even in my Dreams"

About a year and a half ago I came across a coupon in the newspaper for $100.00 off a spa treatment. After going through pages of ads to clip out favored coupons for 50 cents off this or dollar off that, a hundred bucks off something just blew me away!  Which got me thinking, if they were willing to take $100 bucks off their prices, how much were they charging to begin with??
As I kept flipping through the ads I came across similar large dollar coupons for other cosmetic treatments like facials, laser hair removal, spider vein treatments, and lasik eye surgery.
I did not need to clip and save any of those coupons.
But, the more I thought about it, the more depressed I got.
I have never been to a spa. 
I've never gotten a mani/pedi. 
I've never gone to get a massage. 
I've never gone to a hair salon to have it dyed or styled. 
I've hardly ever even gotten a haircut.
I have never been anywhere to be scrubbed, plucked, painted, or pampered....
It made me wonder what I was missing out on.  Now, I have never been part of a very affluent family.  The idea of spending any large amount of money purely on myself seems selfish and unheard of!  I have a hard time accepting (what I think to be expensive) gifts from my husband.  Much to our mutual frustration.  I haven't even splurged on new clothes in the last few years, and I had a baby since then! 
So, I feel that I have nothing in common with the kind of women who have experienced any of these pampering type services.  As I continued to ponder about it, I wondered if that made me any "less" of a woman.  All the advertisements seemed to imply that this was the kind of activity I was expected to indulge in at least once in a while.  *sigh* 
I forget what my husband did or said to cheer me up after all those depressing thoughts.  But I soon forgot all about it, and moved on with my life.
So, why bring it up now? 
Well, the other night I was having another one of the strange dreams that my latest medication dosage increase has been inducing, and I dreamt the following:
At some point late in the dream, I was somewhere, and ran into my mom. She was getting ready to check-in at a spa, along with one of my sisters.  Since I was there as well, my mother asked if I wanted to go to the spa as well, and she would pay for it.  After hesitating, I thanked her and declined because it seemed too expensive and frivolous to waste money on.  Besides, I think I was supposed to be running away from some bad guy, and I was trying to find my husband and kids....
So, when I woke up from this dream, the first thing I thought was, "Man!  I missed my chance for some pampering!"  *laughs*
*sigh* Not even in my dreams....