Friday, August 13, 2010


The silence between us is deafening.
It screams at me to redefine
Everything I thought I knew about you.
I don't even recognise you

You were the one that would never hurt me
Who I could count on when the world stood against me.
You were the one I let inside my heart.

I made a home for you in my life
And have tried to make you stay.
But this new you destroys my hope
And makes me ashamed to have loved you
So hopelessly
And completely.

You broke free from me
Shattered my heart as you fled
And I'm too weak to mend
The broken pieces
And too tired to fight again.

The scary thing is
I would still let you back in
To my life
Because it's all that I know.
Because losing your heart
And losing your mind
Makes your raveged body

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

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