Friday, October 26, 2012

Disney week 3: The Cheesecake Incident.

That moment when you screw up spectacularly but have to keep going like nothing happened b/c you're a pro. I had one today at the bakery. :/ A tray of 28 unbaked 6oz cheesecakes tipped all over me today. It was up high, heavy, and tipped in my haste. Never again. *humiliated* Now I have the honor of being that girl who dropped the cheesecakes... :p I am cheesecake girl. And this will forever be referred to as "The Cheesecake Incident".

As the shock wore off, I set the tray down while staring heavenward with cheesecake soaking into my clothes. A cook I'd never seen before slowly moved to my left and deposited a stack of disposable towels next to me on the table, then faded away out of sight. It was perfect comedic timing. One of the dishwashers appeared and started cleaning the cheesecake off the floor, and wiping it off my leg. That's when I got myself cleaned up found my composure.

When told I now have my first Disney badge of honor, I said ‘Oh no, that would be a burn scar. I think I'll try to avoid that for now!’ Lol Well, I can’t say that anymore either since I burnt my arm yesterday, but that goes in the journal for next week.

By the way, here are some baked cheesecakes:
This week changed dramatically from last week. Before, I was assisting other people while they did things and just jumped in with part of the task under their supervision. But now I was doing it by myself. Someone would point to something on the list, briefly explain an aspect of the task perhaps, then leave me to it. It was nerve wracking.

But I have done a couple of the recipes two or three times now, so I’m beginning to get the hang of it. I’ve also found my own way rhythm for how to get things done, which is good. They would say, ‘This is how I do it. But if you find another way that is easy for you and it helps you go fast then do it,’. And everyone is very kind about answering my questions and checking on me to keep things going well.

And now, a very important question:

Do these carrots look like they're wearing little green berrets to you?

Do they??!!

Stop laughing and look again.

yeah, I know, right?

But, in all seriousnes. I may have had a spill, I cleaned up, pulled myself together, and kept going. And, it has opened some conversations with others about their first spill or whatever. Fortunately, I have continued to follow all recipes very closely, and everything has turned out well.

One of the guys looked in on some cake batter I was making and said it was beautiful, just beautiful. He turned to another coworker and said, ‘You know why it turned out beautiful? Because I trained her! See, if you just follow me, it will always turn out perfect!’ Well, I’ll just keep trying to do that, and with a smile, and hopefully I’ll get some of that Disney Magic.

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  1. Glad to hear you're doing well! I am so proud of you...and it's nice to know you haven't lost your sense of humor through it all! Keep up the great work!!