Saturday, January 5, 2013

Disney week 7: Revealed. Surrendering.

This is the week that I finally admit what had been going wrong during my externship. And you may begin to understand why I was reluctant to start talking about it publicly.


Wed, Nov 28, 2012

I think I have finally run out of things to ramble about with this experience. I continue to help wherever I am assigned to do so. If I work the spot then I portion out hundreds of cupcakes (mostly pumpkin or chocolate these days), cheesecakes, mousses, carrot cakes, chocolate cake, ganache, parfaits, and so forth. The never ending stream of pumpkin cupcakes seems unimaginable.

If I work the back end of the bakery then I make the 7 layer cookies, yellow, chocolate, or red cakes in layers or rounds. I actually got to do some marble sheet cakes the other day, which was fun. I also bake brownies, cupcakes, help divide the forcaccia dough, and I am pretty sure I have mastered the rice krispies treats. . . Do I get a merit badge for this? Because it seems like I did get one for that when I was six. :/

Regardless, I am getting better and faster at working around this high volume production bakery, and I did MUCH better dividing the cake layers into even quarters for the grapefruit cake. Of which, I finally tracked down a picture of the plated dessert itself:

[Both of these desserts were plated and photographed by a co-worker.]

And here’s one of our plated “Celebration” mousses that are given out for birthdays and such:

I have been able to work fast enough to catch a few moments at times to observe the cake decorating and cocoa butter painting of molded chocolate characters. I have decided to focus on observing what I can of their work in the last few weeks of my externship.

*long pause*

I have finally concluded that I cannot, at this time, extend my externship.

With a possible pregnancy causing me to be sick all the time, and young children who miss their mother; on top of the confirmation that I am a lousy student when it comes to on-line classes… it can only be concluded that I must return to my little growing family in Indiana for the moment.

I have resisted this at every turn because I fear that I will never have another opportunity to do this.

And it feels like I am trading in my dream as I look at my final weeks here.

*deep sigh* But that’s part of being a mother, isn’t it?

And children are worth every sacrifice.

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